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1. How often should I inspect my roof? Every homeowner should climb up on their roof, or hire a professional, at least twice a year to inspect the condition of their roof. A professional roofer will usually do a roof inspection for approximately $50.00, which is a small fee to pay to make sure that your roof is not damaged. It is a good idea to inspect your roof in the Fall to make sure that heavy summer rains and/or wind have not caused any damamge, and in the Spring to be sure that any damage done during the Winter months is properly repaired before the Summer rains cause leaks and further damage to the home.
2. Can I do a remodel/addition on my own home? Yes, but it may effect the resale value of your home. The workmanship needs to be up to current standards and the remodel, or addition, needs to adhere to current building codes. Whether you hire a contractor or do it yourself, make sure that a permit is pulled. Not pulling the permit to cut on costs can very negatively effect a sales transaction and possibly cost you the sale entirely.
3. How regularly should I do maintenance on my home? We recommend seasonal maintenance. Please see the Home Maintenance section of our website.
4. Do all Contractors need to be licensed? Yes. Any individual doing business in any area of construction must have a valid contractor’s license. There are two classifications of license. A GB2, which allows individuals to work on only residential properties and a GB98, which allows individuals to work on both commercial and residential properties.
5. How can I validate a contractor’s license? You can visit the NM Construction Industries Division website and do a licensee search, or call and ask.
6. What can I do if I suspect fraud? You can call NM Construction Industries Division and report the individual/company. Unfortunately, it is all too common for homeowners to give supposed “roofers” money to begin work on a roof and the individual disappears, leaving the homeowner without a roof and without their money. It is a good idea to research any company that you are thinking of doing business with. Validate the license and also ask for references.


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